1. What does Camp Diaries do?

We conduct camps in Government and Low-Income Private schools where our volunteers teach multiple activities like Dance, Drama, Arts and Crafts, Music, Public Speaking, Computers, Science Experiments, and Mind Games to all those kids.

2. When do these camps happen? How many camps in a month?

All the camps happen over the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) either consecutive or alternate, varying with each city. That means a minimum of 2 camps to a maximum of 5 camps in a month. The number might vary depending on school’s preference.

3. Where are the camps conducted?

The camps are conducted in schools across the city as the infrastructure is provided by the school.

4. How are the camps conducted?

Camps are conducted on 6 levels.
  • Level 1: Introduction to the activities.
  • Level 2: Exposure and base skill building.
  • Level 3: Fostering the interest and in-depth sessions.
  • Level 4: Rigorous and guided session
  • Level 5: Making the kids independent
  • Level 6: Practice for Showcase
You will know more about it during your induction.

5. How many kids do I have to teach and do they come on Sunday?

There will be around 150-200 kids on each day and an average of 25 kids per session. The kids will be present on Sunday as well.

6. Can I teach more than one activity in the camp?

You can opt to teach more than one activity. During Camp, it is your responsibility to complete sessions related to one activity before moving to another.

7. How many hours am I expected to dedicate for the camp? Is there a mandatory amount of time requirement for Camps?

We expect our volunteers to stay with us for one academic year or attend a minimum of 12 camps (through 3 months).

8. What happens after I fill the registration form?

After you fill the form, you will be contacted by a person of Camp Diaries for a short telephonic discussion. Once you are selected, you will be asked to go through the Recruitment Drive. Post that, the recruited applicant shall be inducted through a semi-formal Induction/Training process where you will know more about Camp Diaries and best ways to engage with the kids.

9. What is the structure and how do I meet my fellow volunteers?

We have city leads and some activity leads who will help you in making lesson plans, understanding the camps etc. You will meet your fellow volunteers at Induction and during camps.

10. What is the expectation from a volunteer?

We believe volunteering is the best form of leadership. Volunteers will gradually become leaders in the activities that they have chosen.
There is no hierarchy, so volunteers can move from activity to activity and also take up larger responsibility like managing camps. It is entirely up to volunteers, dedication and their thirst for learning.

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