Dance is a movement. A way of expressing an idea or emotions. We start off with teaching the kids the basics and then start taking it a level up making it more challenging and more fun for them. We incorporate methods like impromptu dancing and dance battles. This helps in kids gaining the confidence through the art. The idea is to awaken new perceptions in children, which will help them to learn more and think in different ways and bring out their creative best. No kid has two left feet, and if they do we make sure that its overcome.There are quite a number of passionate dance volunteers that take part in our camps.

Public Speaking Write Up:

” He/She who wants to persuade, should put his/her trust, not in the right argument, but in the right word. The power of sound has always been greater than the power of sense”. 
This is what we, the public speaking team hope to achieve with our kids. With a range of activities like creative writing, debating, impromptu speaking, interviewing and so on, we try to build not only public speaking, but the overall skill of picking the right words and expressing them in the best way possible. We strive to build an interest in our children towards public speaking, because Public Speaking is a skill for life. Sounds interesting? Come, join us!

Arts & Crafts:

Creativity is an innate ability in everybody and tapping that out is what we do at camps the best. The volunteers use inquiry based learning to deliver their craft. This allows the kids to do whatever they understand about the craft. We provide them with the necessary tools and they make beautiful pieces of art from shading, bookmarks, penstands to even quilled earrings which they gift their mumma’s and the volunteers at the end of the camp. Even the most hyper active kids become calm and the concentration and dedication of these kids is so admirable and a boost to the volunteers.

 Objective at the end of each camp is to make the kids happy by giving them the confidence and craft that they can make something which is not only useful but also beautiful.


All the World’s a stage and this is exactly we at Camp Diaries believe in when it comes to the Drama activity. Art in it’s most raw and pure form can be seen in drama and everything about it is just so beautiful and unique. 

Drama is all about inducing the real feelings, expressions, thoughts, ideas that’s within us to reality. A person can make you have a gush of emotions, she/he can make you smile, laugh, cry, emotional etc .The freedom of expression in theatre is undisputed! 

It is a free flow of emotions woven into a story. Some of the most complex and revolutionary ideas, controversial themes and views can be expressed through a drama dressed with literature, art and music. 

No wonder Shakespeare chose to write dramas instead of novels!

Crazy Science experiments:

Science has always been a field of curiosity and fascination. Most of the children wonder about the things around them and how they work. At camp diaries, our science team works to inculcate that curiosity and fascination for science in children. Our aim is to trigger interest in the field of science through various fun activities and experiments, ultimately enabling students find scientific solutions to the problems around them.We all had that ambition of becoming a scientist, a astronaut after a science class at school…but why did we not? Lost the desire fuel somewhere? That’s exactly what we don’t want these kids to miss out. We keep their fuel burning by introducing them to various hands on activities like chemicals, mechanics, sound…And it all starts with appreciating them questionning everything. A question as simple as, what if everything we know was wrong? (One question we had a good discussion on at camps). Our volunteers are nerds and geeks, who love answering such questions.Objective at the end of the camp is to make the kid an inquisitive learner and to keep the interest of science and discovery alive.


We find a lot of kids who are interested in learning music especially singing and guitar. We try to introduce music to them in a way that maintains a  balance between fun and  technicalities of music. The kids intially struggle in finding their pitch and rhythm sense. We approach different methods like clapping exercises, listening exercises, repetitive rendition to make them find their pitch and rhythm sense. Every kid has music in them. We just try to help them experience and bring out their musicality.. There are quite a number of enthusiastic volunteers that take part in our camps

Brain Games:

Main goal of teaching games like chess, mastermind and at hello is to enhance analytical and logical thinking in the kids. 

Another major puzzle game we teach here is Rubik’s Cube and we all know how curious minds like to solve puzzles, who has more curious minds when it comes to learning new things other than kids. We volunteers teach in step by step process starting from basic level to advance level. What we try to achieve here is not to make every kid a pro in particular game but we try to bring out creativity from every kid and every kid to be a problem solver.



In a world run by technology and innovation, there is no future without the knowledge of computers.

In the computer session, kids learn about computers from the scratch starting from understanding different parts/units of computers and their functions. The introductory class starts with the basics like paint, creating & deleting file/folders etc and move to advanced level where basics knowledge of programming language (e.g C/C++) is given.

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